what people say

July 2021

Many times I have visited the land of the gods, discovering fascinating places and beautiful beaches. But
this holiday was really special because in addition to our morning yoga sessions outdoors, teachers Sara
and Massimo took us on a discovery of authentic Greece, far from the clichés of the usual islands
teeming with tourists! With them, I found Greece, the real Greece, made up of little pearls set in the
rocks, wonderful villages by the sea, endless beaches and enchanted places, where culture and
mythology have been merging for millennia to make you live the dream…
A fabulous experience to repeat and undoubtedly recommend to everyone!
Thank you, thank you
Stefano, Varese; Italy


Dear Holismos,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful Yoga, Trekking and Nature holiday in Bionaz in Valpelline. It
was a wonderful few days because of the excellent balance between the various activities: two hours in
the morning of meditation, breathing and yoga and very pleasant trekking, despite the variable weather
conditions. In the evenings we watched very interesting films. We ate healthy and delicious food at the
hostel La Bâtise, which is also very clean and beautifully restored. The yoga room is independent and
quiet. In addition to this, a very peaceful relationship was immediately established between ‘all of us’. It
was nice to meet new and interesting people. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas and
experiences. Really nice!

Thank you Massimo and Sara, a big hug,

Marta, Milan. Italy

Hello Massimo my feedback can only be positive.

Il Roccone is a wonderful place, carefully restored, excellent value for money, the meals were
phenomenal and I can’t remember the name of the manager who was fantastic at creating the right
atmosphere… like feeling at home. The activities I did with you fascinated, intrigued and regenerated me.
In this regard, I invite you to send me an e-mail as soon as you can, specifying if you will do training
workshops on yoga, which I would like to take into consideration to do as my own training and then as
soon as I feel up to it I will introduce it in my centre. On Friday I start a few lessons as a pupil with a
school here in Crema. That way I already learn something. As soon as you can, remember to send us
the photos with we transfer.
Thanks again for the experience
Annalisa, Lodi, Italy

“thank you for the yoga teachings, you have managed to transmit a lot and every day I try to do at home
at least the warrior position, moreover from September I will sign up for a course here in Vicenza.

Thank you also for introducing us to the wonderful places visited in the surrounding area, the only
suggestion I can give is to avoid visits when it is hot (like Mistras) and opt instead to visit islands (Kitira
for example)”.

Enjoy your trip in the meantime and keep me informed about the next steps!

Cristina Munarini, Vicenza, Italy


When a group event is successful one immediately misses it, but at the same time

one also feels a new energy that is beyond our individual capabilities: that of the group. I miss the deep
familiarity of that simple but essential electronic sound that accompanied the yoga sessions, in that
almost magical context.

The non-verbal language that was created was the glue that transformed strangers into a group linked by
a very similar outlook on life.

Yoga, rhythmic performance, sound, food and incense bypassed the rational mind and our closures,
bringing us ever closer to the point of unity.

I believe that acting fully manifests our being. We may think we are in a certain way but if we do not act
in that direction, we fantasise, nothing more.

We need to come out of the isolation of our self to find it at a deeper level, sharing and entrusting
ourselves to the other even taking some risks; giving freely to receive abundantly. “The final ’embrace’
concluded with intensity the start of the new year, which, from the beginning, with the yoga practice and
then with the ‘rhythmic creation of the phases of the day’, proved to be creative and with a new energy
For the first time in my life, I looked forward to the New Year actively, creating the track on which to walk.
Thank you. Bye

Luigi, Varese, Italy


The roots of the Earth
The Energy of the Sun
I needed both when I turned to Massimo and Sara to embark on my very personal journey of the Soul…
I found, in their wonderfully human being, so much more…
They are people who LOVE… I felt welcomed… so much so that I wanted to join them in Kefalonia, after
spending rich and full days with them in the Peloponnese!
I warmly recommend being surrounded by their passion and vitality.
I am simply grateful to have met them on my path.
The rooting energy of the earth, the warming power of the sun,
I needed both when I got in touch with Massimo and Sara to begin my personal journey into the soul…..
I found much more than I expected, their wonderfully human way of being made me feel like I was in the
right place at the right time.
They are two people who are not afraid to express love…. For once I felt welcomed… so much so that I
decided to join them again after a few days on the island of Kefalonia, after spending a week with them
in the Peloponnese!

I highly recommend this retreat… let yourself be enveloped by their passion and vitality.


Queridos Massimo y Sara,

Me ha gustado mucho esta actividad, que combina la practica del yoga en

sus diferentes dimensiones  -ejercicios de respiracion, asanas,

relajacion profunda, canto de mantras-, con el trekking y el contacto

con la naturaleza. Han sido pocos d­as, pero intensos, y me han

demostrado una vez mas que la practica del yoga, cuando te gu­a alguien

experto como Massimo, no es un mero ejercicio para mantener un cuerpo

sano y agil. Es la puerta a una autentica transformacion interior de la

mente. Te abre a una nueva forma de ver el mundo y de entenderte a ti

mismo y a los que te rodean. El ambiente del retiro y las actividades

propuestas por los organizadores facilitan un clima de convivencia

tranquilo y amable. Totalmente recomendable para quienes aspiren a

pasar unos días en contacto con la naturaleza conociendo a personas que

comparten las mismas inquietudes.

Vi auguro tutto il meglio e spero di poterci rivedere presto.

Ovviamente, nel caso in cui decideste di visitare Madrid ad un certo

punto, vi aspetterò felice.

Un grande abbraccio,

Inazio, Madrid


While I was in Italy I spent a week at this lovely yoga retreat n Apennine mountains. Every morning we had yoga classes for two hours, then breakfast, then two hours of classes about the Chakras and the different Bhajans or chants that activate each one. After lunch and some free time in the afternoon, we had 2 hours of Djembe drumming lessons. I learned so much at the camp – about yoga, the chakras, drumming, and about myself. I also met some interesting people and made some great friends. It’s a week I’ll never forget, for many reasons.

We also had one day off during the camp, and so we all went on a hike to La Verna, a nearby monastery on Mount Penna. It is said that, Saint Francis of Assisi received the stigmata here. It was a tiring but lovely hike. The monastery had a peaceful vibe, and lots of interesting information about Saint Francis.

Zia Foley (Canada)


Thanks to my kind and decent teachers Massimo Cantara and Nicola Caravaggio I just spent a lovely week amidst the beautiful nature of Tuskany mountains. Check them out if you are interested in Yoga and / or Djembe drumming. We stayed at La Croce Retreats, which is such a heart-warming place, offering space and respect for any human and non-human being. If the beauty of simplicity inspires you, you like fresh home-made vegetarian food and wish to have a time out, this is definitely the right place to go!

Silvia Morgenstein (Germany)


The rooting Energy of the earth, the warming power of the sun,

I was in need of both when I got in touch with Massimo and Sara to begin my own personal jurney of the soul…..

I found much more than expected, their way of being wonderfully human made feel like I was in the right place at the right time.

They are both persons who are not at all afraid to express love… I, for once, felt welcomed…so much so that I decided to join them again after a few days in the Island of Kefalonia, after having just spent a week with them in the Peloponnese!

I warmly recommend this retreat…  let yourself  be enveloped by their passion and vitality.

I’m very honored to have met them during my jurney.


Borgomanero, Novara